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Dyntell is a reliable partner for companies who want to continue growing with IT and economic data support to help meet their needs and objectives. Our ERP and BI systems are at the "high end" of ERP technology. Several hundred clients in Hungary and abroad agree that software without expertise has little value. Here at Dyntell, we're working to provide our partners with solutions that create value by helping them realize their objectives. In this way, they can concentrate on what's important - their business and their family.

Dyntell employs almost 100 people who work to stay ahead of the market in the areas of technology and economics. They make our service a genuine and measurable advantage. So far, we've spent nearly 1,000,000 hours on developing our ERP and BI systems. That's more than 1,000 consultant days.

Our team of experienced consultants gained their knowledge from working in real-life positions like yours. Our ERP system is being used in more than 1,000 locations. Our international experience allows us to provide you with the most up-to-date and most accurate level of business assistance.

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ERP Solutions

What does iERP mean?

ERP is an intelligent system for business management.

This concept, developed by Dyntell, is a new technology to support decision making.

Previously, business intelligence solutions have been considered a separate system, separate from the systems which handle a corporation’s ongoing transactions and analyze information which the corporation has gathered already.

Business intelligence systems have evolved from cumbersome analytical tools into attractive, user-friendly dashboard-centered software, which are easily accessible on the web and mobile platforms. Third generation Business Intelligence systems have the capability of supplying even faster responses and are even easier to interface; thus they support an even greater range of collaborative activities.
Despite these developments in business intelligence systems, ERP has remained unchanged and still requires managers to analyze data in their current databases and in data warehouses separately.

Dyntell’s name combines the words Dynamic and Intelligence. Our company has developed a dynamic iERP concept, and has succeeded in making the obvious next step of combining corporate management systems and business intelligence systems.

What is different about iERP?

  • Hungarian development - Hungarian conditions
  • Proven on the international market (Romania, United States)
  • Genuine assembly of modules - only pay for what you need
  • Outstanding product and personal support
  • Experienced consultants trained in the field
  • Nearly 2000 functions with more than 100,000 settings and millions of variations
  • Flexible design
  • Development team of 80 people in five locations throughout the country

Dyntell ERP system has the capacity to assist in the management, manufacturing, financial and accounting procedures of any industry sectort. No two companies are alike; thus no two solutions are the same. That is why the system is designed with changeable settings and different forms of development  to adapt to individual needs Learn more about the characteristics of Dyntell ERP.
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Dyntell Online Store

  • ERP systems can be integrated
  • Can stand alone
  • Simple, user-friendly operation
  • Search engine configuration
  • Available without further investment

Webshop sales are increasing continuously. The relevant questions for manufacturing and trading companies are how and when they will implement an online sales program. Our webshop solution can be integrated into the ERP system to manage these functions as well as more complex procedures. This is far more effective than the simple "box" solution.




  • ERP system independence, platform independence
  • Ideal for corporate groups to access consolidated data
  • Analytical, monitoring, planning functionality
  • Application-level solutions, individual possibilities
  • Use of OLAP data cubes
  • Controller tool for everyday management

Our Dyntell Bi Solution was prompted by the fact that a majority of our clients, after discovering the advantages of an ERP system, became interested in data agglomeration and analysis requiring a special application. In recent years, BIG DATA along with BI concepts and tools have given many large companies a competitive advantage over those who do not properly analyze data. We offer you such a tool to support your performance today and your survival tomorrow.
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  • Our management system is one of the main functions which we provide for our clients' operations
  • One of its unique features is that it allows for consolidated management of multiple legal entities
  • Operates to assure their full compliance with Hungarian law and common law requirements
  • It may be combined with existing systems
  • The system provides an added business opportunity for accountancy firms if their clients also use Dyntell products

Although accounting is the motor of Dyntell ERP system, it is nonetheless a separate module, application and product. That is because Dyntell ERP and Dyntell Accounting check each other reciprocally in a double security function. Thus, thanks to pre-set parameters and input regulations, human error can be minimized.
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