Proprietary system

Our company has nearly 80 employees to oversee the Dyntell ERP system. We are able to deal quickly and efficiently with the software, providing Hungarian language support by phone, e-mail or in person.

License and support policies for enterprises active in Hungary have become more flexible. 

Flexibility and usability are the focus of our creative philosophy. This allows our clients  to concentrate on their own operations while we provide continuous background support.


Nearly 40 modules, 3000 functions, close to a billion configuration options

Dyntell ERP covers 80-95% of procedures specific to industrial branches without requiring individual software development. 

There is no need for expensive development. During procedure analysis and finalization of a system plan, we can find appropriate procedures and functions among the millions of configurations we have available.

The system's operating security and stability are maintained even during upgrades and implementing custom software developments. Thanks to modularization, software developments implemented on a given module or even on a new module will not directly affect other related modules. Thus work can continue smoothly even during test phases.




For our corporate governance systems, we formulated our ERP Solutions so that single modules are capable of linking to other ERP systems. During this process, our customers will, of course, receive appropriate software support. Except for rare and extreme cases, it is not necessary to change the entire system just because of flaws in one or two modules. If the existing ERP system is working satisfactorily, there is no need to risk a complete change, which can damage the overall system and result in a major financial blow.

In addition, data for machinery and tools used in individual manufacturing can also be channeled into the ERP system so that manufacturing processes can be tracked online.

Web Access, Applications

Busy executives now often need to be able to reach single components of the system through a web browser, no matter where they are. To facilitate these requirements, we make individual components of the ERP system available through browser or mobile application. On request, the Dyntell ERP system can provide data from any component by browser or mobile application.

This data may include outstanding debt, CRM, plan-fact data, production tracking, management reports, territory sales representative system, general ledger data, etc. The purpose of these software developments is to make the data of existing data bases accessible. Depending on the user's privileges, he/she may read, edit or add new records. Thus the company becomes mobile, and data is more easily accessible from any location. Nonetheless, the system remains closed and all user movements and activities can be tracked continuously.

Easy to Learn

Two important factors in our approach to software development are the quality of user experience and ease of usage. Employees who are able to use Excel spreadsheets will easily learn how to use the software. Eighty percent of the user interface consists of recurring components so that the user does not have to become familiar with different types of screens or modules. Even those who don't live in the IT world can easily feel at home with the screen structure. On request, we can produce refined interfaces which only require one or two fields and a few function keys so that your employees can focus on their work.

Management interfaces can be retrieved as a graphic or chart on a stationary, laptop or mobile device. This makes them easily accessible while providing you only with essential information. This information can be saved or in the case of cyclical setting, the system can send it to you in a given template by e-mail. This process does not take up man-hours in your organization.




300,000 hours of development, experience from 250 projects

Our company is transparent, and we're here to support you. We've been in the business for 13 years, but Dyntell ERP is ever developing, thanks to growing clientele and international background. Our experience gleaned from projects in Hungary, Romania and the United States ensures that our system offers  everything your company needs. Ninety-five percent of requested custom improvements are derived from our overall data system. This is a result of our ERP experience in the US and is an example of how it can help strengthen your company as well.

We are your partner for any project which will advance your company's operations. We provide 100% support, be it in the technical, financial or other fields.

Our support team is 80 people strong, and consists of consultants, developers and administrative staff. This means that you'll never be alone, even after installation of the system. After installation, we offer a free audit, to verify if implementation is serving the original objectives and to discover if further possible developments might be advantageous to you. has updated its cookie policy. Cookies provide a better user experience, collect statistical data and provide access to more personalized ads, and to. By clicking the Accept Button, you can enable the use of cookies. If you choose not to enable cookies, you will find help for the settings below.