What does iERP mean?

iERP is an intelligent system for business management.

This concept, developed by Dyntell, is a new technology to support decision making.

Previously, business intelligence solutions have been considered a separate system, separate from the systems which handle a corporation’s ongoing transactions and analyze information which the corporation has gathered already.

Business intelligence systems have evolved from cumbersome analytical tools into attractive, user-friendly dashboard-centered software, which are easily accessible on the web and mobile platforms. Third generation Business Intelligence systems have the capability of supplying even faster responses and are even easier to interface; thus they support an even greater range of collaborative activities.

Despite these developments in business intelligence systems, ERP has remained unchanged and still requires managers to analyze data in their current databases and in data warehouses separately.

Dyntell’s name combines the words Dynamic and Intelligence. Our company has developed a dynamic iERP concept, and has succeeded in making the obvious next step of combining corporate management systems and business intelligence systems.

In recent years, it has become clear that corporate managers are swimming in a sea of data with no time to research data in ERP or investigate trends. At the same time, they are expected to solicit effective suggestions from their employees. Often, due to the lack of adequate infrastructure, they must expend a great deal of time and effort in the struggle to generate usable information manually from EXCEL spreadsheets.

Another major change in our approach is that our system makes it possible for business information to be distributed to more than just the company's managers. Every authorized user can have access to information segments in the ERP. This information could be shared anywhere within the company or, if so desired, even made public.
In the interest of a company's smooth operation, an informed manager needs to use modern tools in the most effective way. Although managers must often "put out fires", most of their time is most profitably focused on prevention and planning.

Dyntell iERP system (ERP + BI) retains the advantages of the earlier generations of both ERP and BI, but integrates decision support and workflow processes. After implementing iERP, earlier data is still available since iERP is capable of transferring and processing data from foreign systems independent of iERP. This means there are no more "cataleptic" (morte apparente) or "island" systems.

The iERP system monitors a company's data 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can even manage several dozen separate databases simultaneously. If the system detects information that differs from the norm or if dangerous variations occur, managers and/or appropriate personnel are informed of the incident immediately. There is even the capability for the user to intervene immediately in the corporate management system. In this way, current problems can be quickly and effectively resolved at the same time that costly and time-consuming future "fire-fighting" is prevented.

Of course, iERP is not only capable of analyzing past data; it can also forecast expected future outcomes based on the data patterns of past years and notify appropriate users. For example, if according to previous years, an order for a specific product will increase in the next month but the quantity of raw materials for production is insufficient, a message will be sent. Or the appropriate sales person can be notified if, at the end of May, he or she should call a dealer who has failed to order best-selling seasonal products for the summer months. That's what we call a dynamically intelligent corporate governance system = iERP.


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