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By providing reliable, up-to-date and easily accessible information, our BI Solution helps managers and business professionals to make quick and efficient decisions, enabling a much higher level of day to day management.

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ERP system independence and platform independence

In accord with contemporary practice, the Dyntell.BI system is independent of the ERP system. Whether we're talking about an ERP system running on any kind of database or island systems connected to them, our BI Solution is capable of collecting processed information; after being formatted in the appropriate parameters, the data can be processed in whatever way is needed. There is one stipulation: Dyntell.BI will be authorized to access the necessary data base components in the existing ERP system for the time of the contract.


Diagnosis setting

Every organization passes through distinct phases. Defining that phase precisely is not a small task if only financial data is available. BI Solution provides the opportunity to assemble past financial and other economic, marketing, sales and HR information in order to give an accurate picture of the company's previous operation. The system does not itself supply the answers to questions about how to progress; however, it does provide many ways of examining the company’s prior activities in order to reach those answers.



Real-time monitoring facilitates a company’s current decisions. It can aim at any company activity where data flows continuously, whether that be manufacturing, store networks, procurement, etc. The general manager or managers of specific departments can see exactly on the dashboard interface the changes in use of materials minute by minute, as well as the immediate level of finished product vs. waste, among many other kinds of data. An important part of the monitoring is that everything be accessible by web, tablet or smartphone so that all aspects of the business are visible anytime, anywhere.



Unless there is adequate analyses, data are just numbers. The Dyntell.BI interfaces provide financial professionals with the ability to analyze data accurately and with great reliability. They can then draw appropriate conclusions and make the best possible decisions for the company. 

For operations that are used frequently, chart analyses can be assembled, updated and saved so that you do not have to start from scratch each time. Individual charts can also be copied, allowing you to make several versions of a given analysis according to different parameter settings.


The result of the tools we have listed thus far is that managers are able to "see into the future", in a range of versions, all at the same time. In making any important decision, a manager must always consider a broad array of possibilities. Dyntell.BI system tools allow you to explore situations with multiple variables and display them in the system. Thus you can prepare for possible economic changes, such as price increases for raw materials, use of factoring, loss of a major client, breakdown of a vital piece of equipment, etc. These data are processed by the system, and they are then returned to the user for evaluation. It is, of course, absolutely necessary that the ERP system running Dyntell.BI have 100% consistency in data upload and documents. 

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