Customizable general ledger system

Accounting logs forming the basis of the general ledger and how they function can be configured according to your needs. These will be perfectly integrated with your business' record-keeping requirements. The program provides a broad range of break-down options so that you can deal with accounts receivable and payable separately. Within that, you may also choose foreign exchange, import/export suppliers and transport logs. Accounting is document-based, meaning that accounting units always produce one booked document. What exactly constitutes a unit may differ; for instance, in the case of buyer-transport, the invoice itself is the booked document, but for a bank even a bank report could be considered a unit.  


Complex financial record-keeping

You can collect data relating to documents from your customers, buyers and suppliers, as well as individual financial transactions. This makes the settlement of claims and liabilities easily assignable to specific clients. Many forms of assistance are available to refine and accelerate data recording. For example, You can list clients' unpaid invoices, or search for possible outstanding bills and then combine these (in the case of multiple documents), according to the amount.

Accounting collectors

You can configure and regulate accounting dimensions as needed. You can create new collectors, as well as assigning individual collectors with their own value list, which you can then select when making the entry. Any number of collectors can be assigned to an entered document or the value of a document can be broken up among several collectors. Besides this, one accounting entry can be split among multiple collectors, recording either specific amounts or by entering an index number. 

Cash Registers

It is possible to manage any number of cash registers and foreign currency registers, which are directly connected to the general ledger. Thus customers with cash receipts can be connected to shared customer records, and you can select from a shared pool of comments as well. It is easy and quick to input and automatically transfer the cash receipts into the general ledger. Based on the completed entries in the ledger, cash receipts can also be generated. You can produce daily cash reports or periodical cash reports or analytical and complex lists for each cash register.

Account assignment schemes

Using the complex tools of the account assignment program, recurrent financial processes can be accomplished automatically. With one push of a button, planned inputs can be applied by entering the relationships and connections between accounting streams as called for. This function is the keystone to the quick completion of procedures, particularly when we are talking about complex accounting transactions, such as assigning separate entries within a telephone bill. 

Integrated fixed asset recording

The general ledger system is equipped with an integrated, full-value fixed asset register. Among other things, this allows you to have a detailed account of assets, to manage residual value, to record to-date depreciation as well as planned and unanticipated depreciation, to make changes in value of assets, to keep records of gross value growth or decline, to track equipment no longer in use and to print records of fixed assets.

Preparation of statements and reports

The system allows for extensive queries, including but not limited to: general ledger abstracts, general ledger records, log analysis, accounting documents list, customer analytics, cash flow statements, expected expenditures and revenues, default interest calculations, payment notices, announcements of balances, etc. In addition, the system allows you to create statements on request. Of these, the most important are the balance sheet (A and B) and an income statement (sales and total budget). It is also possible to create additional individual reports, and lists in any format and with any data content. It is possible to carry out data acquisition of corporate sales and public procurement on the forms ABEV 08A60. has updated its cookie policy. Cookies provide a better user experience, collect statistical data and provide access to more personalized ads, and to. By clicking the Accept Button, you can enable the use of cookies. If you choose not to enable cookies, you will find help for the settings below.