Project Management

Whether relating to documents or tasks, you can manage and oversee individual projects.  You can assign tasks, responsibilities and deadlines to individual projects and measure their results.

Precise management of billable time
If your employees' or sub-contractors' work is measured on an hourly basis or according to activity, the system can record completed work accurately to the minute so that your billing is precise and transparent.

Project cost statements
Individual projects can be broken down so that costs are visible and anomalies can be detected. Areas that need optimization become more apparent and billing becomes simpler and more exact. 

Resource management, list of tasks
The project manager sees the exact workload of each component and can allocate or reassign tasks accordingly. The system also makes it possible to engage new capacities or expand existing ones as far in advance as needed.

Employee-project report
This part of the system shows statistics relating to the employees working on a given project, including comparisons and evaluations.

This is a task list, which is also available on a mobile platform. You can assign tasks and create your own tasks with only a few clicks.



The system is an effective support to marketing. It focuses on customers and provides analyses of the company's specific relationship to them.

  • Keeps track of events, makes notes
  • Provides a calendar with daily, weekly and yearly overview
  • Makes Web interface available to the system (WebCRM)
  • Bases billing on contract
  • Provides Drag&Drop Calendar: calendar entries can be moved freely; when an event is moved, its beginning and end are automatically updated. Its length can also be adjusted by drag and drop.
  • You can store your contracts with their clauses and conditions in a structured manner. Documents can be stored, filed and moved so that they are orderly and easily retrievable.
  • Sales records: Projects can be correlated to retailers. Commissions are then based on these records and are determined after sales.

Document Management

This module allows the filing of incoming and outgoing documents, standard record-keeping, as well as providing a wide range of search and reporting options. Our solution works together with the CRM, process management and project modules, supporting documents and master data, so that an administrator can open any given document filed within the system. The solution does not require a separate document server.

Handling of administrators and groups of administrators

Administrators can be assigned to individual files and automatic alerts and permissions can be set. Thanks to this version, it is possible to see exactly who did what with which document and when, and whether it was altered, printed, copied, etc.


Built-in correspondence can be synchronized with an existing mailbox, regardless of what server or system you are using (Gmail, Exchange, ThunderBird, etc.).

You can keep everything in order by creating folders, which  can also be shared. Thanks to the way the system protocols have been developed, incoming emails will be sent to the project linked to the content of the letter. 

You can also file your emails so that these will connect with other relevant elements in the system.

You can create a task based on a particular email or initiate administration of an event, making it easier to follow assigned tasks. It becomes easier to follow exact implementation, which reduces time needed for administration. Emails attached to projects make it much easier for new employees to take over in cases when tasks must be transferred of tasks or substitutes found during vacations. The "please send over your correspondence relating to XYZ" is eliminated.

Service Module

This covers worksheets related to service, and includes records of field work, service activities and the employees who carry them out. It is integrated with billing.

You can produce worksheets in the system to record all service procedure. Financial data is displayed on the worksheets so you can describe in detail the reasons for errors, and you can register equipment, employees, list materials, other costs, etc.

Warranty Management 
This includes tracking the condition of returned products with serial numbers, for example, those sent in for exchange (warranty begins anew), those sent elsewhere for repair, exchange for another product, exchange for a used product, or repaired.



You can use your mobile device anywhere, anytime to view your "favorite" daily/weekly reports in real time and you can even drill down to the document level. Each user can see the information which is relevant to his or her concerns. Whether we're talking about information on production, trade, finance or management, information is readily available in real time in the chosen area. This accelerates decision-making and rationalizes daily operations since the system provides an extensive array of daily reports.

Financial and Procedure Control

A crucial supporting element in your business activity is accurate financial data. Our financial system is tailor-made to trading companies, and not only can it track your current financial situation, but it can also help you to plan ahead. The financial module can be fully integrated and supply you with real-time data whether it be sales data, accounting and other derivative information. 

The various data boxes help you to easily examine the relationship between individual departments, activities, etc. These relationships can be displayed as charts or graphics. by comparing dynamically changing data, you can drill down to the document level. This continuous access to accurate financial data gives you a strong basis for quick and modern decision-making. has updated its cookie policy. Cookies provide a better user experience, collect statistical data and provide access to more personalized ads, and to. By clicking the Accept Button, you can enable the use of cookies. If you choose not to enable cookies, you will find help for the settings below.