Agriculture module

Dyntell ERP is more than a support system for agricultural activities. The majority of agricultural software have functions that encompass land records, contracts and registration of various labor costs related to different areas of land. Our system, in addition to the above-mentioned functions, has the value of integrating ERP with this commercial agricultural module. The result is you do not need to spend a fortune installing other systems in order to cover the operation of your company or group of companies.

Dyntell.P@rtner ERP is an integrated business management system, in which the general ledger, finance, fixed assets, production, management information system and many other modules are integrated and at your fingertips. The system is also capable of integrating multiple corporate groups with agricultural activities.

Here is a partial list of some of the functions of our agricultural module:

  • Crop production

    • field management log and/or chart records
    • operations log
    • pesticide use log
    • fertlizer log
    • diesel consumption
    • field inventory
    • planning, controlling and analysis of effectiveness of production processes
  • Support and tracking of animal husbandry processes

Multi-Site, Multi-Company Use

With our solution, your data is visible and ready for assessment in locations throughout the whole country, even all over the world. Data is transferred to the system in real time so that you can see the results of your group of companies by site, region or in consolidated form.

Our system was created to clear account turnover between affiliated companies. You only have to deal with invoices when they are issued. After an invoice has been sent, it will be booked immediately with the receiving company. This eliminates a lot of unnecessary administrative work and manual data entry while allowing staff to concentrate on genuinely productive work that will benefit the company.

Management and Printing of Purchase Orders

Manually issued documents are no longer necessary. Automatic registration and retrievability speed up administration. The system makes it possible to prepare a range of statements. Past events are more easily traceable, and it becomes easier to resolve disputes. Our system also accelerates the receipt of goods.

Management of contracts and documents

The management and filing of contracts and other important documents speeds up business processes and provides transparency for the operation and the company. When following up on documents loaded into the system, you will always see who, when and what was done with the given document, who made copies of what; when and what was printed out, and whether other versions were generated. The filed documents are easily accessible in any module of the system; there is no need to maintain a separate server for this purpose.



Preparation of Statements and Queries

You can receive information on your operating activities from the system, which, for example, enable you to manage your delivery and storage costs, even on your Smartphone. Our system also tracks additional costs incurred during crop harvesting and can display these costs in diagram form.

Besides that, you can view your daily operational data within any economic area. The system keeps detailed records of all land leases so that you can respond to conditions of your contract on time. The system alerts you of upcoming expiration dates and deadlines even as it manages rental fees and other costs.





Inventory Management, Warehouse

Our system manages an unlimited number of warehouses in multiple sites, even in other countries. It manages sales commission, as well as the cost and volume of packaging. Warehouse work can be accelerated with the correct supporting structure, and you can have more information on your inventory than ever before.

Records of inventory are related to the other modules of ERP (accounting, webshop, finance, marketing, mobile PDA system, etc.). Thus, regardless of location, you are able to view the whatever information you need in real time.
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