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Creating parameters for master data develops the basis for product pricing. This enables the user to manage different prices appropriately. It also adheres to whatever laws govern current product pricing. It can be adjusted to the parameters of the company's activities and obligations to declare product pricing. If you use an external company to report pricing, this function is a good choice since declarations will be reported very quickly and accurately to the relevant authorities.


Inventory Control

Our system allows you to manage an unlimited number of warehouses in multiple sites and in other countries. It manages sales commission, packaging value and volume. With the design of proper supporting structure, your warehouse work can be accelerated, and you can have more information on your stock than every before. Your inventory records are connected to other modules of ERP (accounting, webshop, finance, marketing, mobile PDA system, etc.), so that, regardless of your location, you can view information on any department in real time.

Our system ensures batch management for correct tracking of individual products.

It may be adapted to any form of identification tool: barcode, data matrix, RFID QR code, etc.

The system allows either immediate or subsequent reporting on inventory. Our system provides a flexible framework to account for the value of the inventory while adhering to all regulatory requirements, which is one of the most sensitive points in inventory accounting.



Online Store Integration

The online store solution retrieves essential information directly from the system's master data, accelerating administration while reducing clerical and administrative errors to a minimum. Online store maintenance does not require double administration. Business components are connected and the business as a whole becomes transparent in your online space. Online store functions are complemented by ERP knowledge, so the online store runs rings around boxed solutions.

The advantage of integration is that billing, inventory control, finance and statements are all available in the ERP system. This makes your company's operations much more efficient than with insular solutions. Thanks to our SEO services, your online store will not only be modern, but will be capable of generating real revenue for your company.

Commission Management

The system is capable of calculating sales commission, based on derived data contained in the system, no matter how complex. The calculation can be margin, turnover, derived data, and comparisons to data of previous years. Depending on the vendor or reselling partners' rights, you can view data that has been entered into the system unless the company's philosophy may have forbidden that.

As long as resale price and commission management are within one management system, you may view data simultaneously in real time. The minimum requirement for this is that the vendor's network include the Dyntell invoicing and management program. This allows each partner to be in communication with the center, where it is possible to view information on inventory, billing, to analyze them and to make decisions. 


Whether we're talking about complicated or simple proposals, this function can be added to your system. While preparing the proposal, you can make a pre-calculation of the expected profitability. The proposal writer sees the important characteristics of the article, as well as transport costs and other information. This entitles him/her to override prices generated by the price list in the system. Any kind of template can be coupled with the proposal, and any document can be attached. The proposal may be sent and tracked by e-mail from the Dyntell.P@rtner ERP system. Its acceptance and further path is also trackable. 

Upon acceptance of the proposal, the delivery note and invoice may be drawn up, as well as the warehouse withdrawal and even the contract itself. This accelerates administration. Everything is trackable in one place. In fact, it does not require a one-stop system because any employee in a similar position can use the project module to follow the order step-by-step.



Mobile Sales Support

With just a couple of clicks, salespeople in the field can obtain data relating to inventory and lists of buyers; they can enter new customer contacts and issue invoices on the spot. The system supports the mobile sales rep system perfectly with minimal investment. It can even be a monthly pre-paid service. This system shares a database with the Dyntell.P@rtner system, allowing you to use all data in real time. The applications can run on both mobile phone and tablet. The framework is customizable so that it includes only those functions that result in productive work.

The system can be used and managed by an external team. Depending on the technical capabilities of the input device, identification is possible by barcode, QR code or RFID-NFC for the quickest and most accurate registration of information.



You can use your mobile device anywhere, anytime to view your favorite daily/weekly reports in real time and you can even drill down to the document level. Each user can see the information which is relevant to his or her concerns. Whether we're talking about information on production, trade, finance or management, information is readily available in real time in the chosen area. This accelerates decision-making and rationalizes daily operations since the system provides an extensive array of daily reports.

Online Cash Register

In the age of online cash registers, the system also has the capability of transferring documents automatically to management. This makes it possible for inventory and financial data to be accessible online. For chain stores, this function provides both a market advantage and smarter inventory control. In addition, it does not require a double entry to issue an invoice, making the stores' service faster. This, of course, will result in greater customer satisfaction as well.

Margin and Collateral Tracking

The system can show data concerning collateral and margins in real time, according to item, item group, customer, salesperson, site, etc. In the case of proposals, it can also calculate at what time, at what distances and in what volume it is more advantageous to sell a certain item. Additionally, the system can easily manage distributable costs. Dyntell.BI system enables you to plan with "what if". It can estimate future collateral and margins by using various movable parameters, simulating transport costs, taxes, changes in the environment, etc.

Financial and Procedure Control

A crucial supporting element in your business activity is accurate financial data. Our financial system is tailor-made to trading companies, and not only can it track your current financial situation, but it can also help you to plan ahead. The financial module can be fully integrated and supply you with real-time data whether it be sales data, accounting and other derivative information. 

The various data boxes help you to easily examine the relationship between individual departments, activities, etc. These relationships can be displayed as charts or graphics. by comparing dynamically changing data, you can drill down to the document level. This continuous access to accurate financial data gives you a strong basis for quick and modern decision-making. has updated its cookie policy. Cookies provide a better user experience, collect statistical data and provide access to more personalized ads, and to. By clicking the Accept Button, you can enable the use of cookies. If you choose not to enable cookies, you will find help for the settings below.