EKAER Calculator

Please check if you are exempt from or subject to EKAER declaration requirement. You just need to give the following information and you can immediately check your obligations.

The calculator serves only orientation purposes. Please do not forget to follow the changes and news of the EKAER system

Attention! Always do the checking according to unit of goods.

An EKAER number identifies the unit of goods (cargo) that is transported

  • in the same one vehicle,
  • to one address of receipt,
  • for one client (for the owner of the goods if the person’s own goods are transported, while for the consignee in the case of lease work),
  • in a single movement of the vehicle on the given route.

First step, please choose the direction of transportation. When choosing direction the loading and the unloading address always prevails.

The EKAER Calculator has been developed by Dyntell Software in cooperation with MLBKT.

Please note that the calculator is only for orientation purpose, it does not provide complete information about the exceptions and exemptions, and is not a substitute for deep understanding of the law. In addition, the result of the calculator is based on the information provided by you. The calculator gives results according to applicable law from 1 April 2015. The calculator is under constant development, if you have any comments related to the operation please email us at ekaer@dyntell.com.

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