ERP investment scenarios

With the following calculator, You can simulate the effect of an ERP investment. Entering various numbers in the white fields, you can try different scenarios as you wish.

Which year 1. year 2. year 3. year 4. year 5. year
Changes in revenues (thousand-USD)
Changes in Expenditures (thousand-USD)
Numerical balance (thousand-USD)
Conversion %
Converted balance (thousand-USD)
Net present value of the investment (thousand-USD)

Sample Calculation

In our example, only the ERP investment cost appear in the first year, then, after the second year the revenue increases and the costs are reducing. The conversion % is adjustable with different values each year. Besides the modest assumptions in the example, the introduction of an ERP system can increase the company's net present value with about $421,000. has updated its cookie policy. Cookies provide a better user experience, collect statistical data and provide access to more personalized ads, and to. By clicking the Accept Button, you can enable the use of cookies. If you choose not to enable cookies, you will find help for the settings below.